Wrap Your Digital Gift Into Better Than Physical Gifting Experience

UniGift’s Mission Is To Reinvent What Digital Gift Means While Giving The You Full Control Over What To Gift… 

Attach your digital gift into an epic interactive gift card

How Does It Work?

1. Choose Your Gift Card Design
& add a personal message

2. Pick What to Gift
& wrap it to an experience

3. Attach the Digital Gift
& send it personalised

A Unique Way to Create an Epic Gifting Experience For Your Friends!

Join the Thousands of People Who Have Chosen Gift Experiences Rather Than Stuff…

“No matter how much time will pass, you will always be my best friend.”

Here... We Made One

unigift For You!

Try It Out… Experience The UniGift Yourself! Create Your First UniGift With Just a Few Clicks!


Perfect GIFT CARD BUILDER for Minimalists who want to gift, send, share, or receive memorable experiences, not stuff…  Digital Gifting is HARD so we make it super simple! Now You have the opportunity to personalize every relationship you care about! A perfect gift for all occasions and is as easy as dialing your phone.

From Who To Whom?
From Digital Nomad To Gamer From Minimalist To Expat From Me Living Abroad To My Family

Create a Memorable Story & Add Your Digital Gift

Gift Experience, not Stuff by Creating Digital Interactive Gift Card… Sign up & try it out!


On A Mission To Digitalize & Virtualize Gifting

Digital Gifting is Not Just Vouchers! UniGift is More Than Just a Gift Card!

Get Free Digital Gift Ideas

Digital Gifting is Not Just Vouchers! UniGift is More Than Just a Gift Card! 

Join the Community of Artists

Become unigift artist & create video art.

Create Your First UniGift with just a few clicks!

Your curated and custom UniGift will impress and inspire your friends and family. Create Your first memorable and personal UniGift. 




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